Mission-driven from the start

We’re here to leave this world better than we found it. Our safe, beautifully decorated short-term rentals and top-notch guest services are a means to that end. We believe that the spaces we curate for travelers make room for life’s truly good and meaningful moments.

Our spaces are anything but a bed and a couple of pillows. We anticipate guests’ needs at every turn. The details are well orchestrated to guarantee a delightful stay, by design.

Experience that’s unrivaled (and unexpected!)

On the stage

The dream for Stay Awhile took root on the stage. Lessons learned from the performing arts world translate to energetic and friendly interactions with our diverse guest population.

In the field

We’ve studied interior design and merchandise styling, honing our craft through a whole lot of practice. This hard-earned know-how adds to the overall ambience of a stay at our properties.

At your service

We crush it in the hospitality arena—and it’s not by chance. Years in 5-star luxury hotel management shaped our approach to service and leads to unprecedented guest satisfaction.

Meet Sarah Karakaian

Founder & CEO

I am beyond lucky to have found my calling—uniting my passions for hospitality, design, and real estate.

Every aspect of this work gives me purpose, energy, and an outlet for my Type-A drive. Fussing over perfectly folded towels and surprising our guests. Supporting property owners as they buy, sell, and care for their properties. Working with the best team around. I am here for all of it and so very grateful.

Five years ago, I hung up my character shoes and closed an epic chapter as a professional, globetrotting musical theatre performer. I knew my next chapter would involve beautiful houses, but I could not have foreseen where this adventure would bring me. The stirring it would create in me to leave this world better than I found it, one check-in at a time.

Now, my husband Nick and I manage boutique short-term rentals, flip houses, dive into our own investment properties, and run a home enthusiast blog over at Nestrs.com.

I also nerd out about all things short-term rentals on a podcast I co-host with Annette Grant called Thanks for Visiting.

Along with all things hosting, I am borderline obsessed with iced coffee, warm weather, and playing with my two rescue pups, Flip and Ren-o!